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Kids Inspire Difference's newsletter will be released monthly, shortly after the closing of a campaign. Here you will find the latest updates on events, guest speakers, new opportunities to get involved, and read our latest articles.

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Editor's Note:

To our faithful readers,


Eras have passed and it is still the same. We walk down the aisles, turning a blind eye. We give the power to the greedy hands of corporations. We were submissive to their dictatorship; but no longer. They like to deceive us, thinking that we wouldn’t notice the drastic mark-ups of feminine products. While the women suffer this silent tax. Feminine hygiene is a human right not a luxury. Colours shouldn’t define prices. Our action hopes to influence yours. Force the government to interfere. Strip this silent tax and join us as we conquer the pink tax. 


All love, 


Kyleigh Ing

Director of Writing

Kids Inspire Difference

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