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- Our Inspiration - 

The injustices to children throughout the world that we have seen have inspired us to create a platform to bring other likeminded kids to help us amplify our power.  We are teens but we are not powerless. We can do this but we need ALL of you. Which one of you has seen these injustices and feels that you also want to activate your visions. Join us!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Through the use of social media, our mission is to empower youth to use their platform to advocate for issues they are passionate about.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower, to educate and share, to spread the stories of teens everywhere.

Our Team

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Devan Amin

Co-founder and Executive Director 

Hey everyone, I am from Phoenix, Arizona and am a senior in high school. Outside of working on Kids Inspire Difference, I am a competitive golfer and speech and debater (I mainly compete in original oratory and impromptu speaking). I love traveling, biking, and doing yoga. I’m an Eagle Scout and I play saxophone and piano. I started a band last year called @making.treble comprised of three teens and all the proceeds from our gigs goes to KID. I am so excited to work closely with our amazing directors this year. We can’t wait for you all to meet them!

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Mya Koffie

Writing Director

My name is Mya Koffie (she/they), and I'm the Director of Writing here at Kids Inspire Difference. I am a high school senior living in Appleton, Wisconsin, where I run both my school's official student newspaper and literary magazine as the Senior Editor-in-Chief. I am also a rape survivor and openly queer individual.

 Playing around with words and advocating against social justice issues such as sexism, domestic violence, and mental health stigmatization have always felt indescribably important to me. KID gives me the incomparable opportunity to blend these actions and create a meaningful impact on our world.


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Georgia Liu

Fundraising Director

Hi! I am Georgia Liu from Little Rock, Arkansas, I am a junior and I’m so excited to be part of this community! I am a debate kid, who does primarily congressional debate, and am also an orchestra kid and participate in my school and community orchestra. In my free time you’ll find me hopelessly scrolling through Pinterest, reading romance novels, or running. My favorite ice cream flavor is blue bell Christmas cookie, (please, please try it). And I can’t wait to see how this platform changes the world!.

Olivia Feng

Marketing Director

My name is Olivia Feng, and I am currently a sophomore at Appleton North High School. I love to dance, travel, hang out with family and friends, and of course, advocate for issues that are prevalent in our world today. I'm passionate about issues related to education, healthcare, and discrimination. Advocacy work has always resonated with me, and I am so excited to continue creating change by raising awareness and encouraging action for social issues through my position as Marketing Director! 


Deven Chhabra

Social Media Manager

​​Hi, my name is Deven and I'm the new Social Media Manager at Kids Inspire Difference. I'm currently a sophomore at Phoenix Country Day School. I love to play basketball and golf. Social justice issues I support are Black Lives Matter and mental health issues.


Misha Ghafouri

Co-founder and Executive Director 

Hi everyone, I am from Phoenix, Arizona and am a senior in high school. Outside of working on Kids Inspire Difference, I compete in Speech in Debate (specifically in Original Oratory and Program Oral Interpretation) and varsity tennis. I am also involved in local philanthropies such as Swift Youth Foundation and National Charity League as well as Girl Scouts of America. As a first-generation Iranian - American, I am especially passionate about advocating for positive representation of Middle Easterners in the media.

Hailey Zaw

Community Director

Hi everyone! My name is Hailey Zaw, a junior from Shoreline, Washington, and I am so excited to be KID’s Community Director this year! Outside of KID, I am a member of my school’s DECA chapter and also a staff writer/business manager for my school’s newspaper. I am also a member of Work2BeWell’s National Student Advisory Council for mental health as someone who is passionate about advocating for mental health awareness. I am super excited to work with the other directors and KID Community members!


Nicole Watts

Graphic Design Director

My name is Nicole Watts and I am a senior in high school from Michigan. I’m a huge theatre kid taking part in 12 shows over the course of 5 years. I am also the student director for a social justice theatre troupe called Awkward Pause in which we perform skits talking about social issues that may be uncomfortable to talk about. I am also a part of organizations such as the Haven Youth advisory Board and MOASH which aim for better education and awareness about sexual health and domestic violence among young people. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking, as well as reading. I am really honored to be a graphic designer for KID this year! 


Jada Knight

Outreach Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m Jada (she/her) and I’m a high school senior from the midwestern United States. I love to debate and talk about all things politics, society and pop culture. I also enjoy getting in touch with my creative side through baking or collage! I have a passion for empowering my generation to get involved in governmental and societal processes to ensure our voices and experiences are included in policy-making. As a result, I am so excited to meet and collaborate with fellow activists as the K.I.D. Team’s Outreach Coordinator this year! Social issues are all interconnected and by coming together and amplifying one another’s voices and efforts, we can make the most difference! 


Maya Varma-Wilson

Website Director

Hi! My name is Maya, and I’m so excited to be working with KID again this year. I’m 17 and a senior in high school. Some of my hobbies include baking, reading, and soccer. I’m passionate about leadership, community service, and social justice, and my extracurriculars and clubs, such as the Human Rights Council at my school, UNICEF club, and volunteering as a soccer coach, reflect these passions.

KID by the Numbers

- collaborated with over 26 organizations

- started 13 initiatives

- raised $8000 during our child abuse campaign 

         - funded 1600 calls for Childhelp

- raised $20,000 total

- 100+ worldwide members

- 217 Instagram posts and 2,700+ followers

We Need Your Support Today!

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