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Join the KID Community!

*Low commitment, no application required*

- Learn about various social issues and what you can do to help!
- Promote your personal projects 
- Build a network

- Find a support system
- Enjoy important discussions to propel change
- Join hundreds of passionate teens and make a difference

- KID is a competitive addition to any resume!


Meet the KID Community Director: 

Mya Koffie!


I'm Mya Koffie, the Community Director here at KID! I'm seventeen years old, and I have lived in multiple regions of the United States; I currently reside in Wisconsin. I love thunderstorms and deep conversations. My experiences as a Black, queer person who spent early childhood struggling below the national poverty line led me to dream. I dream of a world where we recognize the true significance of diverse identities, the dramatic influence of systems on the individual, and the power of kindness. I believe that together, we shape our world, and we must do so intentionally. This belief fuels my passion for social justice. I am so excited to direct the KID Community as the initiative begins: to learn together, develop our understanding of the world around us, and make differences that truly matter. The KID Community is for everyone! If you find yourself wondering who should come, the answer is also the second word in this sentence. That's right. "You."

Passionate about social justice? Trying to educate yourself on different social issues? Wondering how you can help? Working on a project that you’d love to promote? Hoping to build a network? Enough with the questions! Join a community of individuals who care about change - low commitment, no application needed. Complete this Google Form and attend our first KID Community meeting!

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