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June Release!

Editor's Note:

Dear Reader, 


The queer experience is a strange one: discrimination, heteronormativity, societal perceptions around gender, general ignorance and under-education regarding LGBTQIA+ issues, and frequent over-sexualization all present significant obstacles for the marginalized community to scale. Still, the resilience found in the members of this group far outshines the oppression they face; we celebrate this beautiful fortitude in June, commemorating that fateful summer day in 1969 outside New York’s Stonewall Inn where the queer masses arose to defend their human rights. But June’s  conclusion should not equate to the end of our advocacy – or to the end of recognition for this vibrant and deeply-human amalgamation that spans and connects numerous, diverse identities. Between Kids Inspire Difference’s ongoing Representation Matters Campaign and this exciting new writing release, we hope you will conclude Pride Month by diving into diversity, equity, inclusion, history, and allyship right along with us.   


All love, 


Mya Koffie

Writing Director 

Kids Inspire Difference

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