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Sara Guo - Visibility for the Youth

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The Vision:

The world deserves to 'see' you. The voice of our generation is extremely powerful, especially on the global stage. Sometimes, it's as if everyone's eyes are on us, the youth, which is true- we are the future. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sara Guo founded EyesOnYouth a youth-led initiative aimed at publishing magazines that embody our voices and perspectives. These publications allow teens to express their passions and views on our society, making themselves visible to the rest of the world.

Sara created this organization based in Toronto, Canada through her passion for social justice issues and youth leadership specifically that of discrimination against South Asian populations. Her team has already grown on an international level reaching countries such as the United States, Malaysia, and India. EyesOnYouth has also managed to contact multiple news stations to further promote the organization.

Of course, Sara's influence does not stop at her successful organization, but she continues to take action in her community: she's involved with her school's MINGA Social Justice Club and has helped paint two murals, one at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre to spread positivity to those struggling with substance abuse. Her passion to make her community and the world a better place is the foundation for her publication that allows anyone who is struggling to be heard and openly express their thoughts.

The Mission:

The magazine that incorporates articles, photography, artwork, and stories has become such a powerful platform for youth, especially those from lower-income communities, where the contributors are surrounded by those who value their voice and opinion.

Not only does the magazine include movie, literature, and recipe recommendations but also articles regarding issues COVID-19, feminism, BLM, and interviews with other like-minded youth. There is no one topic or issue that the team is focused on- the publication is open to diverse insight and strives to be a hub of information for youth.

Sara and her team continue to positively affect the Gen Z community, whether that's through webinars about how to start a youth-led organization, collaborations with other initiatives, running youth panels, and just continuing to educate themselves on new cultures in general. So far, she has run several panels that help teenagers that are looking to begin their own organization: how to create a logo, how to promote your cause, and other tips coming from someone who has developed such a successful platform for the youth.

You can help build the future!

Anyone that is interested in writing, creativity, and simply being a part of an inclusive and driven team should think about joining! So far, EyesOnYouth has 55 writers on their team and have impacted over 5,000 youth. With a minimum commitment of one piece of literature or artwork you can apply to be featured on their website and even their Instagram page (linked below). We believe that EyesOnYouth's mission greatly aligns with KID's; to bring together a global community of hopeful youth that will be the fuel for a better future. EyesOnYouth is continuously looking to expand and gain more traction globally, influencing as many people as they possibly can and we encourage you to get involved!

Stay tuned for the Co-Founder of KID Misha Ghafouri to be featured in EyesOnYouth 'See You in Five' speaker series (that can be found on their website) and Co-Founder Devan Amin doing an Instagram takeover in the coming days!

- Follow EyesOnYouth on Instagram @eyesonyouth

- Learn more at

Meet the Founder:

Sara is currently a 12th grader in Toronto, Canada. Outside of EyesOnYouth, she is a lifeguard and piano instructor! Not only that, but she has even published her own book: One Point in Time, a compilation of poetry along with connections to East Asian cultures.

Stay tuned for articles/interviews with more inspiring founders of youth-led initiatives!

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