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Our Mission

To empower youth to use their privilege in order to help other kids around the world.

Who We Are

Kids Inspire Difference is a youth-led organization dedicated to advocating for youth activism and empowering youth to use their privilege to bring attention to larger social justice issues. Our platform serves to uplift and promote youth-led initiatives and the activists of tomorrow! We hope to create a space where youth leaders can come together to learn, grow, and create change.


Through social media campaigns and collaborations with youth-led initiatives, we plan to educate and empower teens to take action about various social issues they are passionate about. 


On our website, we plan to create an educational resource with articles interviewing the founders of youth-led initiatives, blog posts teens have written about issues that they are passionate about, and other information about ways for teens to make a difference.

What We Do

Kids - We hope to serve as a platform that advocates for youth activism and amplifies the voices of teens everywhere.

Inspire - We hope to equally inspire and empower teens that no matter their age they have the ability to create change.


Difference - We hope to bring attention to larger policy issues and make a difference in the world.

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