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a youth-led organization dedicated to advocating for youth activism and empowering youth to use their privilege to bring attention to larger social justice issues. Our platform serves to uplift and promote youth-led initiatives and the activists of tomorrow!

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Support anti-racism

It's more important than ever before to educate youth about racism, diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity. We MUST teach the TRUTH. We have compiled information and resources to donate, educate yourself and others, and create real change.



Kids Inspire Difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. We are dedicated to inspiring our generation to help other youth and make a million voices be heard.

Health Pandemic

Abuse pandemic

As COVID_19 continues to unfold, Kids Inspire Difference wants to thank you for standing with us.  

The Childhelp hotline has seen an increase of calls now that more children are out of school and at home with their abusers. In addition, youth have less access to outside support and services such as teachers and counselors. This situation tends to raise the anxiety and stress for many, causing the predator to become more aggravated and leave the child feeling more isolated.

We cannot allow this health pandemic to become an abuse pandemic.

When times are tough, children become even more vulnerable which means they need your help more than ever before. They need YOU.

If you are concerned about a child or are a youth in crisis, Childhelp's professional counselors are here to listen. Call, text or online chat 24/7 at 1-800-422-4453 or childhelphotline.org.


Update: KID has raised over $8,000 and funded over 1500 calls on Childhelps Hotline! Thanks for everyone's support!


Anything Helps! All donations go directly to the national child abuse hotline to change the life of a child.  


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