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Will Online Education Change the Future?

By: Meghana Mantha

The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed our lives in many ways, specifically in educational aspects. Personally, I’ve done online school for 9 months and found it to be extremely different from traditional classroom and learning styles. There are pros and cons in everything, including both traditional and online education.

Traditional education encourages higher levels of competitiveness among students.The social environment at a traditional school helps build a child’s character and personality, which is a strong foundation for their futures. Teachers play a vital role in instilling discipline.

Most of us agree that nothing can replace face-to-face traditional learning but due to COVID-19, we have all started utilizing technology on greater scales. Research shows that COVID-19 has resulted in schools all across the world to shut down. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the steep rise in e-learning and the shift to remote and digital platforms. Knowledge of technology in education will be further accelerated and online education will eventually become an integral component of school. Online learning enables teachers to reach out to students efficiently and effectively through chat groups, video meetings, etc.

Around the world, many have found comfort in online learning but in some cases, there is inefficient management or lack of strategic planning. With virtual simulations, teachers are able to teach subjects that may have previously been out of reach with in-person classrooms. Video conferencing and social platforms allow students to interact with others from different countries and distribute information like never before. The world is benefitting from improved communication, technology, and collaboration skills, creating a global community with people of all different backgrounds.

Online education can really impact and help many people. Due to its convenience and flexibility, resources are widely available from anywhere and at any time. People can take online courses, receive certificates, and specialize in their domain virtually. Anybody working full-time or part-time can take advantage of e-learning. Some have different commitments and with online education, people can improve time management and increase efficiency. Many universities converted to online learning and I recently heard of a few full-time, accredited universities that are helping many young minds acquire the skills and knowledge from the comfort of their home. Most who did online schooling had found time for their jobs and family commitments. In the future, many people will progress towards online learning due to its immense advantages.

Globally, there are many places where kids risk their lives to get basic educational facilities. If internet connectivity is provided to them, I am sure they would make the best use of it. Online education is really helpful and convenient. In the past few days, I have seen many inspiring stories of people, who couldn’t even afford basic education, get an online degree during the pandemic and wonderful job offers from various companies.

Worldwide, there are many people starting to get a quality education online due to the wide variety of resources they didn’t have access to before the pandemic. I strongly believe that technology can positively impact education so greatly that almost each and every person in this world may have access to world-class education from the very comfort of their home.


Meghana Mantha

KID Writer

"I am Meghana Mantha from India. I am in Grade 12. Graduating in Mathematics, Economics and Business. I am an avid reader, writer, poet, and photography enthusiast. I love traveling and adventures. I am super excited to be part of KID and make a positive impact in our society."

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