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Meet Just For You Tutoring—Providing Personal/Virtual Tutoring Amidst the Pandemic

Founder, Salina Guo, explains that she created Just for You Tutoring "to boost the confidence of students in their school and life by providing knowledgeable and personal tutors for 1 on 1 virtual tutoring sessions." They hope to expand and reach a larger audience in hopes of creating more opportunities for youth to volunteer and work with all types of students to shape their future.

Join us on August 25th for Salina's Instagram takeover on

@kidsinspiredifference to ask her questions!!

Kids Inspire Difference Interview with Just For You Tutoring:

KID: What inspired you to start Just for you Tutoring?

Salina (founder of Just For You Tutoring): "As a high school student with time on her hands due to the pandemic, I applied to be a tutor with multiple tutoring organizations that were not local to my area. I wanted to help in the best way possible that was safe and suitable for me. After experiencing substantial wait times due to the large ratio between tutors and students, I decided to create opportunities for the high school students in my area and connect youth who want tutors via this platform. As we grew, we started connecting tutors and students from all over the world to accommodate the needs of as many youth as possible."

KID: How big is your platform?

Just For You Tutoring: "Since our establishment, we have paired up 45+ tutors with students having tutors from 5+ countries such as America, Philippines, Mexico, Africa and more!"

KID: Why do you think youth activism and leadership is so important right now? Salina Guo

(12th grader from Ontario)

Just For You Tutoring: "In our generation, we are becoming more aware of the injustices present in society and are taking action. Activism and leadership build one’s confidence and create youth who are unafraid to voice their opinions and will be the face of change in our future society. What's worse than no action is being unaware and leadership and youth activism really do go hand in hand so it’s so important nowadays to do both and get your voices heard!"

KID: Can you tell us more about the Academic Blog on your website?

Just For You Tutoring: "Our new Academic Blog highlights insights/tips/personal stories of academically inclined youth who want to share their voices towards empowering and further helping our dozens of students, parents, and large audience. We created this as a means of further support for our students and to create more opportunities for youth all around to share their writing works. Student bloggers earn 5 volunteer hours for writing their blogs and editing it according to feedback from our editors that are then published on our website and Instagram."

KID: How has Just For You Tutoring allowed you to become a better leader in your community?

Salina: "I've been able to develop my leadership skills in leading a team of volunteers as well as running my own management system for this organization. This experience has helped me to grow exponentially as an individual but also helped me to develop my entrepreneurship skills from coming up with this initial idea to writing partnership proposals and adding more and more so that this organization can encompass more than just tutoring."

About Salina:

Alongside her passion for helping others in her community, in her free time, she enjoys playing piano, creative writing, painting, playing badminton and swimming. She hopes to pursue a career in business management/entrepreneurship.


Go Support Just For You Tutoring:

Checkout out their website and academic blog


Learn more about Just For You Tutoring on our Instagram @kidsinspiredifference

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