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Gen Z vs. Westernized Activism

The Inspiration

With our world constantly changing, having a platform that distributes relevant information and perspectives in a creative manner is extremely powerful. Especially when it is led by the youth. The Gen Z Times, founded by Catarina Vita, is an online publication that uses technology and social media to address prevalent societal issues whether they are shown in the mainstream media or not.

Inspired by quarantine, Catarina wanted to find a way to spread accurate information to those that may not have as much access. She noticed that it is typical for Brazilian families specifically to have strict and conservative parents, meaning that many children don't have access to the news through technology and social media. By building a team of driven and passionate creators, she has managed to provide free resources that enlighten viewers on the world around them. Their mission: inform, express, and empower. The team makes sure that all their information is fact checked and completely accurate before posting it to the public view, ensuring that people are absorbing correct insights.

Their Purpose

The Gen Z Times touches specifically on many of the conflicts facing Brazil and its culture. Of course, the platform acknowledges global issues as well in which all their articles are readily available on their website.

One of the most prominent global issues The Gen Z Times addresses is westernized activism. Many activism posts we see on social media and issues that are most talked about deal with western countries. It appears that for developing countries, there is not nearly as much awareness as there should be. This has to do with lack of technology and access to these global platforms. Sources that do talk about developing countries, however, often undermine their issues at stake while amplifying the obstacles more developed countries undergo. The Gen Z Times aims to address topics from everywhere around the world to indeed spread the voice of those who aren't usually heard.


Sometimes, information is what we need, not necessarily what we want. The organization has faced their fair share of hardships, specifically with shadow banning. Some of their posts touch on delicate and controversial topics (for instance, the Uyghur Muslims in China), in which Instagram temporarily blocks their post from reaching out to viewers. The team is unwavering and will continue to write and create content on increasingly important issues such as these, exceeding past the issues that face westernized countries. People need and deserve to know about what's going on globally.

You can be a part of this!

While The Gen Z Times is indeed a hub of information, there is plenty of room for artistic expression, whether that's through visual art or poetry! Any way where people can express themselves while educating others is welcome in this non-profit. Writing is definitely a widely powerful and influential tool- a voice is heard not merely from verbally speaking, but also from the words we read. Many people are often frightened to speak their truth out loud, which is why writing is so impactful- it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a way they couldn't before.

Catarina has this vision, a vision that she is already achieving: showing what the world this generation is made of! She wants to continue connecting with people across the globe, learning about each individual story and perspective. Each member of the team has their unique voice to display and that is the beauty of The Gen Z Times. No one has to feel restricted or afraid to speak their minds.

Stay in contact! Follow @thegenztimesorg to read more about their mission and see the work the team has done so far! There, you can access their website and find out how you can submit! You can use your voice to benefit the greater good.

We will be interviewing Catarina on an Instagram Live on February 14th. Tune in to learn more about her and the cause

Stay tuned for updates @kidsinspiredifference Instagram for articles/interviews with more inspiring founders of youth-led initiatives!

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