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Closing STEM Gender Gaps One Step at a Time

Although there has been a continuous outcry and significant action when it comes to changing the gender gap in the workforce, women battle more than ever for equal pay, leadership positions, and proper treatment in the labor realm. Specifically, in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, there are still many barriers to overcome in achieving gender equality in such a competitive environment. In fact, the once narrowing gap has appeared to take a downwards turn for the past 20 years while men continue dominating these occupations. States such as Delaware, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Nevada have experienced a widening gender gap in the workforce, reaching up to a 21.6% difference since 2015.

Seeing a problem, making a change

Questioning your self-ability can be one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome. However, with proper guidance and finding people that will push you to reach your potential, those barriers can be broken. The founding of Girls Tech Together is rooted in this ideology. Divita Taduvayi, founder and president, has taken her personal experiences and used them to fuel her motivation to create a community of impassioned and bright young girls looking to change the future.

Building up a strong community is one of the most crucial things in setting a proper foundation for youth development. Girls Tech Together is a nonprofit aiming to provide guidance for anyone who needs it, exceeding past computer sciences and STEM and cultivating the skills needed in these fields of interest. In today's world with constant technological rises and developments, women learning to code and program is extremely valuable to our ever-changing society.

Additionally, many students don't have opportunities directly in their schools where they are exposed to computer sciences and technology. Girls Tech Together introduces these concepts to elementary-school students, thus giving them a strong technical and characteristic foundation as they continue their educational journey and pursue their passions.

For a better future, we have to improve the present

Although adulthood may seem distant for these students, it really is closer than most may perceive. Combating gender divides in the STEM workforce will be an upward battle if action isn't taken now. GTT helps fight against self-doubt and the imposter syndrome which many girls often struggle with and instills confidence and leadership skills in their students.

Now, it is more important than ever. STEM gender gaps continue to widen and grow, women's representation in computer science is on the decline whilst men are employed at double the rate. Youth are our hope to achieve a better future. Organizations such as Girls Tech Together educate and teach students about these necessary skills while providing an overarching sense of community and belongingness to lift them up for their bright future.

Divita will be taking over our IG account on February 21st. Tune in to learn more about her and her cause!

Stay tuned for updates @kidsinspiredifference Instagram for articles/interviews with more inspiring founders of youth-led initiatives!

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